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I recently came across this painting. Although it looks very similar to me to the Susan Pear Meisel flower paintings, the signature is only Meisels,  No first or last name and it has an s on the end. Is anyone familiar with this artist?  Thanks! Mystery Artist

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Meet Veritas, created from an old headless Barbie doll. She’s no Barbie anymore. LOL This was in response to a challenge for an annual charity fundraiser. Veritas is a modern witch from the urban jungle. She earned her name because of her main power which is an infallible ability to discern the truth. You cannot tell a lie in her presence.


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Commemorating a visit from my son. Due to the large distance,

we rarely get to spend time together.

I love you and I miss you, Colin!

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I decided to throw a bunch of paper scraps and photos on the

scanner as a backdrop for a new digital piece.

The post above this shows the final result.

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Spiral@Earth Dance

To open up your creative spirit, you need to become one with your media. Spiral certainly has accomplished that. This is not only a beautiful video but an inspiration to remind us that we need to connect our “inner selves” with the paint brush, canvas, papers, metal, etc. It reminds us that our art needs to become an extension of our spirit.

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Here is my first attempt. I’ll have to play with this again in the future. It bears no resemblance at all to the original frost. I do want to take advantage of that frost but just get playing and something different happens. It’s amazing how plans change when your muse gets involved. :)

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Cover created from old leather coat

pages bound with bamboo skewers

many pockets, messages,
and a special envelope

My first piano hinge book. These are fun!

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Altered Book spread

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Gesso & Paint Textured Background / Photo Collage

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Tried this new background technique this morning. This is not a small piece. It’s approximately 11″x12″. My intent was to create a few background pages for future use. Why is it some of us can’t seem to stop at just the background? LOL I just get too involved. This technique is a lot of fun!

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