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I’ve been saving pieces from all the broken glass Christmas ornaments that go all the way back to my great great grandmother. This year I finally used some of them to create memory necklaces for all the women in the family.  Our personal connection to our ancestress’s balls.  It’s simple to create and makes a very special connection for all of us. Hope this spurs ideas for you!



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I’ve been absent from this blog for quite awhile now and thought I’d finally fill everyone in. Altered art and mixed media are still definitely in the picture.  The past couple of years though my main compass has been pointed at what I like to call Intuitive Abstract Painting. Some of my pieces can be found at The Sow’s Ear Studio & Gallery in Schenectady, NY.

The Sow’s Ear Studio and Gallery

Between working full time, settling into a new place, and trying to find the time to paint, the blog has been getting lonely. This is a new attempt at reviving my virtual connection with the art world. My intent is to find the time to put up posts that should interest myself and this blog’s followers. It may be feast or famine. Only time will tell!

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Meet Veritas, created from an old headless Barbie doll. She’s no Barbie anymore. LOL This was in response to a challenge for an annual charity fundraiser. Veritas is a modern witch from the urban jungle. She earned her name because of her main power which is an infallible ability to discern the truth. You cannot tell a lie in her presence.


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Here are the results of my first experiment with this technique.  Basically, you place tissue paper on top of plastic bags to save the work surface and keep the paper from becoming a permanent attachment to your table. Spritz lightly with water.  The rest involves layering using matte medium, paints, inks, stains, etc. and anything you think might become permanently trapped between layers.  These paper are three layers. I threw in netting, shredded papers, coffee grounds, ribbons, string, holographic flakes, etc.  As you can see, the middle three papers are the same. The pics show that one side is flat, the other shiny, and when held up to light, it is still transparent.

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Brilliant woman! Definitely worth listening to!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This journal I’m presently working on has only one theme – to work out my feelings.  Good or bad, I’m finding it very helpful. I began a background, not knowing what it would lead to. Suddenly, I found myself missing my sister.  What had started out to be a very pretty background, soon turned a bit comical.  I think it was because the background began to remind me of old walls and wallpapers. One place in particular came to mind.  We were around these ages when we lived there.  Out came the photos.  I not only had fun doing this but felt a bit of my sister back with me at the time.   :)


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Like a lot of other people, I use my journaling and other art to release life’s problems and hopefully learn something from them.  The garbled text on this page was meant to be kept personal. It does slide so that I can read it when I need to.  Someday when the full healing or lesson has taken place, I may choose to wash it away with gesso and put something new there.  Someday…but not today. :)

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