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Meet Veritas, created from an old headless Barbie doll. She’s no Barbie anymore. LOL This was in response to a challenge for an annual charity fundraiser. Veritas is a modern witch from the urban jungle. She earned her name because of her main power which is an infallible ability to discern the truth. You cannot tell a lie in her presence.


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Cover created from old leather coat

pages bound with bamboo skewers

many pockets, messages,
and a special envelope

My first piano hinge book. These are fun!

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Altered Book spread

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Mistake ?

I finally had some time to play around with backgrounds this afternoon. There was a nice background layer of inks and metallic markers. Next was supposed to be scrunched up tissue papers.

Didn’t I decide to use up an old bottle of Mod Podge instead of my usual medium.
More than half the bottle spilled all over the piece. Aargh!

So what do you do? Pour off what you can, brush off the rest and then scrunch the whole thing up into a ball. Next, open it up, put it inside a sheet of wax paper and scrunch it up again. Mash it, roll it – but don’t keep it that way too long.

Peel it back open and you’ve got the great start on a very nice background!

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Decided to add what I could before it dries (and it’s going to take a LONG time to dry).

Hard to believe this was thick cardstock.

This image just seemed to be the perfect one.

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Added just a little bit more. No further growth until it is completely dry. Drat! Sure hope it doesn’t take days. This is fun!

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Another altered post card. We were given another card and selected some images from artist Marilyn Rock’s class to take home and alter.

The images, mica, and aging created a haunting look to the piece. A little ‘bling’ added some zest.

Can you find the face of the second female?

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