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Meet Veritas, created from an old headless Barbie doll. She’s no Barbie anymore. LOL This was in response to a challenge for an annual charity fundraiser. Veritas is a modern witch from the urban jungle. She earned her name because of her main power which is an infallible ability to discern the truth. You cannot tell a lie in her presence.


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As recorded in a previous post, the homeless shelter where I work has an annual fundraiser called “Every Doll Needs a Home.”  Dollmakers from all over the world create and donate dolls to be auctioned off at our annual doll art benefit.  All proceeds go to help the home.

A friend of mine is a superb dollmaker and creates something for us every year.  This year, she has created two dolls for the auction.  One of them is a mother troll with her baby. To make an otherwise long story short…she actually created two of the mother/baby trolls, donated one to the auction and gave the other one to me as a GIFT!  I even got to choose between the two.  WOW!

She created these using a pattern from doll artist Ute Vasina. As usual, Kippy added her own twist. :)

Both mother and baby have tails and mom also has silk underwear.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Kippy Brezner of Albany, NY!

Sorry that the pics don’t do her justice.  If the weather would improve, I’d take pics outdoors.

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Maude the Artist - Designed and Created by Nancy Laverick

Weekdays you will find me working at a homeless shelter for women and children. Every year we have a super fun doll art benefit, “Every Doll Needs a Home”. This is the time of year that I send out a call for dolls. Doll makers/artists from all over donate their creations and we auction them off – all proceeds going to the home.

The doll pictured is :

“Maude the Artist” – Designed and Created by Nancy Laverick

I realize this is not a doll site but many of you who create dolls or know someone else who does may want to jump in and help. Just in case, here is the url for the “Every Doll Needs a Home” website containing all the information you should need and also full contact info:



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